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At Bowles Automotive we go the extra mile to make you feel welcome when you come in with a problem and comfortable when you have to leave your car with us knowing you couldn’t leave it in better-caring hands.

We take the time to thoroughly explain the conditions we find and the process of the needed repair. At Bowles Automotive we make it a point to call all our customers by name and remember who you are. We have a shuttle bus and offer them a free ride to work or back home and then pick them up when their car is ready.

We Sell You MICHELIN® & BFGOODRICH® Tires at Cost!  Shop Tire Buyer Now

Here at Bowles Automotive, we are tire experts. We care about you and you deserve the best quality tires and repairs for your vehicle. That's why we carry many of the major tire brands that you know by name as well as other quality brands at affordable prices. In an effort to keep you and your family on the safest tires available, Bowles Automotive sells MICHELIN® and BFGOODRICH® tires at cost! Labor and taxes are additional. Maybe you only think of us as your repair shop, but who else knows your car and your driving habits better than your mechanic?

When you need new tires, come see what Bowles has to offer. Not only can we repair or replace your tires, but our experts can also explain to you why your tires wore unevenly and make professional recommendations of adjustments or repairs to fix the problem so you get the maximum life from your tires.

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Coolant System

Your cooling system has the important job of maintaining your engine at a constant temperature whether the outside air temperature is 110 or 10 below 0. If the engine temperature is too low, the fuel economy will suffer and emissions will rise. If the temperature are too hot for too long, the engine will self destruct. With the extra loads, we put on newer engines the importance of maintaining the cooling system has increased. Through many cycles of heating up and cooling down the fluid in the cooling system will slowing create scale and sediment that reduces the efficiency of the system to cool the engine properly. The only way to truly clean the cooling system to keep it in the top-performing condition is to power flush the system. When your mechanic uses a power flush machine to clean your cooling system he will backflush the system, or in other words, he will flush a cleaning solution through the system in reverse from its normal flow. This cleans the system more effectively by loosening and flushing out the scale and sediment. For regular maintenance, it's fine to just add a little antifreeze to your coolant tank to top it off. At regular intervals, your cooling system will need to be flushed and refilled by a professional. Check with our service writers for the proper mileage for this service on your car.

Transmission Service

Your transmission needs servicing at regular intervals. See your owners manual for the specific mileage interval for your car or just ask one of our service writers. Automatic transmissions use fluid pressure to spin the drive shaft and a series of friction bands, disc and plates that get squeezed together with fluid pressure to change gears. To make a smooth shift a certain amount of slippage is built into the friction pack as the transmission shifts gears. This little bit of slippage and the high temperatures create grit that gets caught in the filter or collects in the oil pan. Because the transmission operates totally on fluid pressure in has a lot of lines, reservoirs, and channels to direct the fluid. If you just change your fluid, a lot of old fluid with dirt and grit in it will remain in these areas and you will only be adding some clean transmission fluid to a lot of old dirty transmission fluid. The only way to really clean out all the old dirty fluid and the reusable filter is to replace your transmission fluid using a transmission flush machine. Using the flush machine pushes the old dirty fluid through the system replacing it with clean fluid. At Bowles Automotive we offer complete transmission care from a complete fluid flush to more in deapth repairs and replacement. Important Notice: If you decide to add transmission fluid to your vehicle yourself be very careful to use the correct transmission fluid for your car. Using the wrong fluid can harm your transmission. Never add any type of oil or hydraulic fluid.



jasper logo associate ownedHere at Bowles Automotive, we recommend JASPER® Engines & Transmissions for any engine, transmission or differential replacements as they simply are the best product with the best warranty available in the industry.  

Top 4 Reasons JASPER® Engines Leads the Industry:

1. PROVEN, an Industry leader since 1942 with engines, transmissions & differentials throughout the USA. For more than 75 years continually "Perfecting the Art of Remanufacturing".
2. QUALITY,  JASPER® remanufactured products exceed factory specifications and improve OEM inherent design flaws with updated parts and precise machining.  
3. CONTINUALLY TESTING & IMPROVING, Live run computer assisted testing to assure trouble-free performance and peace of mind for their customers who depend on it with a Research & Design team looking to improve the process.  



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